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    Hello! My name is Shawn Bowen, also known as 'ObiShawnKenobi' from my love of Star Wars, and Jedi-like musical abilities.

I am a professional musician, and award-winning music video director with over 25 years experience in the music business. My former band, Neurotica, was discovered by Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who also produced and sang backing vocals on our debut album "Seed". We got great reviews in Hit Parader, Billboard, and Rolling Stone magazines to name a few, and got to tour with alot of great bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Drowning Pool, System of a Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Down, and Otep among others. My current musical projects, World Collision, and Didges Christ Super Drum are also receiving critical acclaim, as is my work on independent film scores, and I was recently asked to do a blog for Modern Drummer  by its editor. My music video for the song "Finding Our Way Back OM" won "Best Alternative Music Video" and "Most Creative Music Video" at the 2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington D.C.


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 Reviews of my soundtrack for "Stella Buio" by Kimyoo Films

"The original score (by Shawn Bowen) is a shining example of a soundtrack being just as nerve rattling as the film itself. JUSTIN HAMELIN-Cup of Stars

"The music, by Shawn Bowen, is perfectly attuned to the synthesized sounds of 70s and 80s Italian horror flicks (Fabio Frizzi is mentioned as an inspiration) and is an absolute highlight. I suggest getting his music for your creepy Italian zombie movie-themed wedding I know you're planning."

HEIDI "SuperHeidi" HONEYCUTT -Planet Etheria

"I must also give credit to the amazing score composed by Shawn Bowen. If the style of the film doesn't take you back to its Italian roots, then Shawn's music certainly will. A haunting piano accompanies a throbbing drone, complimenting the creepy vibe of the technical achievements."

CHRIS HALLOCK- All Things Horror

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